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lebanese platter of savory breads
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Lebanese zaatar

The agricommunity is a group of individuals built upon the following shared set of beliefs:

artichokes, paestum, italy

We see what is happening around the food industry: from the use of harmful pesticides on our crops, to the genetic manipulation of seeds to form monocultures, to the preventative use of antibiotics on mal-treated animals, to the inefficiency in distribution of food to third world countries, and to the rise in obesity, diabetes, autism, autoimmune disorders, and cancers in people. We think the global population needs to be more aware of the long-term risks we are causing by placing little-to-no value in our food system and thereby putting ourselves and the planet we live in at risk. What can we do limit this risk? We can be more critical about the food we consume by making conscious decisions each and every time we make a food purchase. Read the ingredients, understand where the food comes from and how it was produced, and become acquainted with the seasonality of produce in your region. 

halloumi maker in cyprus
Supporting local farmers & growing your own food

The disconnection between farmers and the average consumer is expanding at an exponential rate, the amount of farmers is decreasing, and the knowledge for growing food, having a home garden and homecooking is at an all time low. Culinary heritage is based upon the cooking and preservation of produce based upon that region's local agriculture. Through our research of traditional culinary recipes and customs, we aim to inspire our community to value personal agriculture and to make food-growing a part of their daily lives. Just think about how much land is wasted with the front yards and back yards in our suburbs? We want to create a community that makes positive use of their land and treats it as a personal asset. Join our community as a full time farmer, a seasonal grower, a home gardener, a rooftop potter, or a supporter of a local farmer or farmer's market. 

family and friends making homemade dumplings, seoul, south korea
homemade meals
with family, friends & neighbors

We envision front lawns abounding with heirloom tomatoes, artichokes, and spinach; family, friends and neighbors outside gathering ingredients to make a home cooked, community-made meal. Become part of our open, honest, and sharing community whose main interest is to maintain the dining room table as the centerpiece for friends and families.

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"Discovering and Preserving Traditional Food Culture, One Country at a Time..."
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