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Join The Recipe Hunters as they learn how to make Bonèt with Maria Carmen. Bonèt , pronounced "bunet" is a typical Piemontese pudding like dessert that dates back to 13th century. The bunet recipe has changed slightly over the years to include cacao after it was discovered and imported from the Americas. The original version is rarely made but it is referred to as bonet alla monferrina. Our "Piedmontese Aunt," Carmen, treated us to this homemade specialty made from eggs, sugar, milk, chocolate, liquor, and the special ingredient: crushed up amaretti cookies plus her own secret ingredient: coffee. The crushed up cookies absorb the milk and cream when cooked and leave you with a smooth, creamy texture. Fun fact: bonèt translates to hat because it is eaten to "cap off" the end of a meal! Make sure to read subtitles for all ingredients :)

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