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celebrating the connection between humans and food. 
one country at a time
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the recipe hunters
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We are traveling around the world in search of traditional recipes and the stories behind the people who maintain their culinary heritage. During our time abroad, we volunteer on homesteads and small-scale, organic farms where we learn about the terroir and the region's seasonal produce. In our attempt to forge new relationships with people involved in traditional food making, we do our best to integrate ourselves into the local community. We practice the local language, introduce ourselves to neighbors, and visit local farms, farmers' markets, family-run shops, artisan bakeries, and street vendors. 

We have found that making friends with locals, not only deepens our feelings towards the culture and place we are living in but also helps us find locals who still make traditional recipes. Upon finding out that we are in search for traditional recipes, our new friends usually go above and beyond to connect us with their friends and families. Once we find someone special who cooks traditional food with passion, experience, and love, we record the entire process with photography, video, and writing.

Join The Recipe Hunters in Wales as they discover the traditional recipes behind the most treasured Welsh dishes. Thanks to all of the Welsh families who opened their homes & hearts to our community!  A special thanks to Visit Waleswithout you this could not be possible. Check out the films below to begin your adventure!


Join The Recipe Hunters in Galicia, Spain, as they discover the traditional recipes behind Galicia's most treasured dishes! Thanks to all of the Galician families who opened their homes & hearts to our community! And a special thanks to

Pelepau & Beladona for the Galician Music! Check out the films below to begin your adventure!

The taste of the sea


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