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laverbread harvest & burger

with jonathan

We head to the Pembrokeshire where we meet with Jonathan the founder of Pembrokeshire Beach Food Company. Jonathan takes us to the shore to collect laver seaweed and teaches us how to cook it into a Welsh Breakfast in a burger at his food truck called Cafe Mor. Jonathan started the Cafe Mor food truck as a way to bring a modern twist to Welsh seaweed products. In addition to selling laver seaweed, laverbrea,d and other seaweeds, Jonathan has a truck full of interesting dishes that incorporate foraged seaweed. Jonathan's latest product is a seaweed infused rum. Be sure to check out the food truck and spend at day at the Pembrokeshire beach. This was the best burger of our lives!

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laverbread burger directions:
frying pan and an adventurous appetite needed

laverbread burger ingredients

  1. Use already boiled laverbread or wash the laver in cold water by shaking it and squeezing it until you have cleaned it of salt and grit, you may have to change the water several times.

  2. Boil the laver in a covered pot or crockpot for 8 hours until you can make a paste of it. if you have Jonathan's Welshman's Cavier, boil in water for 10 minutes. You now have laverbread!

  3. Now form the laverbread patty mix by combining the laverbread and oatmeal until well combined. Add more water if the oats are too dry or squeeze out water if too wet. The patties should be easy to form. Set aside for 20 minutes.

  4. In a frying pan, fry up 2-4 strips of fatty bacon depending on your appetite. If there is not enough fat, add butter in the pan.

  5. Form the laverbread mix into patties. The thinner they are the crispier the patty will be.

  6. Fry the patties, eggs, and burger bun in the bacon fat/butter until they are cooked to your liking. Add an option slice of cheese on the egg to melt it.

  7. Combine to form a burger and enjoy with a nice Welsh beer as you take in the view of the beach (or dream of it)!

laverbread burger recipe:
makes 2 bacon laverbread burgers
prep Time: depends on if you are starting from raw laver seaweed (8 hrs of boiling), dried laver seaweed (10 minutes of boiling), or wet laverbread (0 minutes).
total time post laverbread: 40 minutes

​This recipe is made from a simple by weight ratio of 3:2:1 flour to butter to sugar. You can scale up or down quite easily as long as you maintain the ratio :) The below ingredients are for 8 medium sized cookies and all measurements are a rough estimate, we urge you to use a kitchen scale!

  • 10g of Dried Laverbread (Welshman's Caviar) or 3 Tbsps of Wet Laverbread, or Laverbread boiled down from a seaweed foraging adventure. 

  • 2 Tbsp of Rolled Oats

  • 4 slabs of bacon, the more fat the better

  • Welsh Butter

  • 2 free range eggs

  • Welsh Cheddar for cheese burger (optional)

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