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Our adventures in Lebanon bring us first to Souk el Tayeb where we learn the inspirational stories and traditional recipes behind a group of women of Lebanon. We then spend a week living with a favorite aunt in a small Sunni village called Ketermaya on Mount Lebanon where we learned her family's traditional recipes. We leave Mount Lebanon to try on bee suits, spending a day as apiarists in the flowering fields of South Lebanon. Afterwards, we road-trip with a local on a food trail to discover forgotten recipes in the Bekaa Valley. Next, we live the high-life attending a glamorous Lebanese wedding where we meet the former first lady to Lebanon, Nayla Moawad. Sit (Madame) Nayla invites us VIP to her home town of Zgharta on the outskirts of Tripoli where we learn to make traditional kibbeh. In the end, our culinary journey reaches beyond the borders of Lebanon, introducing us to Syrian and Armenian recipes from people who have found refuge in Lebanon and now call it home! Check out our Stories below!!

Join The Recipe Hunters as they discover the Food Heritage Foundation, a non-profit organization in Lebanon aiming to bring people back to their culinary roots by hosting food trails, cooking workshops, and more.

ali the bee


boy in lebanon

Join The Recipe Hunters as they travel to the south Lebanon to learn about honey and beekeeping from Ali Elamine, Lebanon's greatest bee enthusiast.


& the amazing aunt amal

boy in lebanon

Join The Recipe Hunters as they travel to the small mountainous village of Ketermaya, Lebanon to live with a local aunt and learn her traditional family recipes!


el tayeb

Lebanese cupcakes, Souk el Tayeb, Beirut, Lebanon

“Souk el Tayeb is a dream. A dream of bringing people together, a dream of celebrating what is positive and constructive in Lebanon, a dream of perpetuating what is good about it’s land, it’s agriculture, it’s cuisine and it’s people.” - Kamal Mouzawak, founder of Souk el Tayeb, Beirut's 1st Farmers' Market

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