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This is the story of how thirteen indigenous women from Puebla, Mexico banded together, overcoming poverty and discrimination, to safeguard the Tlaola Serrano Chili Pepper. This film is a celebration of the remarkable, enduring, resilient strength of the women of Tlaola; individuals who are actively redefining the role of indigenous women in their village, their country, and, we hope, the world.

support the women of Mopampa

by purchasing their Chilsec

  • 3.5 ounces (100 grams) of Chilsec is $12

  • For each Chilsec you buy, $7 goes to shipping, $2.5 is provided to Mopampa, and $2.5 is donated to the Culinary Heritage Co.

Unwrapping Corn Husks
Chili Serrano Peppers
Wild Plant
ladies infront of slowfood snail
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