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Handdrawn calendar depicting The Recipe Hunters first month in Norway

Sometimes the best way to go on an adventure is to let that adventure find you. Leila and I started off with a dream to go to Sardegna and we were searching on Workaway to find a place in which we could volunteer, learn Italian, and eat healthy! We found the perfect place that met our requirements and were eager to get on the way. We searched and searched for one-way flights but could not find anything cheaper than a $550 ticket so we decided to wait. We began to notice that all the flights to Sardegna were stopping in either Bergen, Oslo, or Copenhagen. We hadn't even heard of Bergen but for $220 it was not hard to convince us otherwise. Bergen is the 2nd most populous city in Norway and is located on the West coast. Thank you Norwegian Air! So, we said to ourselves, "Let's start our epic adventure in Bergen and use the 'extra $330' in an adventure to Rome.” It helped that Dohop displayed flights from Oslo to Rome for less than $50. We left NYC on July 11th, 2014 with a mission to connect with locals by volunteering at different farms, production facilities, and homes. We planned to find these places through using personal connections and websites like workaway.  Through volunteering we could live/eat for free, explore new places, learn the local language, and encounter locals who cook traditional food. We felt riskless in our plan because we knew that the most satisfaction we receive when we travel (regardless of budget) is through making new friends and through learning!


By volunteering, we hope to naturally create mutual relationships that turn into long-lasting friendships while learning new trades and skills along the way. We plan to document our adventures, traditional recipes, and our travel advice with the rest of our community. Bergen here come The Recipe Hunters!! 

Written by The Recipe Hunters:

 Anthony Morano  and Leila Elamine

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