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The farmers of Palestine need your help!

By donating, you can help to support the following three causes:

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Farming Tools and Structure

Palestinians have limited access to water due to the occupation. Help support farmers in Palestine who are in need of water so that they can irrigate their land.  By building sustainable cisterns to hold rain water we will be supporting farmers such as Doha on their land. Palestinian farmers also need help buying tools and creating fencing to protect their farm land. 

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Palestinian Olive Oil

Olives and olive oil are very important to the cuisine and culture of Palestinian people. Today, many ancient olive trees, groves, terraces, are endangered and at the risk of destruction due to the Israeli occupation. We want to protect and support Palestinian olive oil production by creating a Slow Food Presidium. This Presidium will function as a community-driven initiative that safeguards the production of olive oil, ensures the quality, and raises awareness about the issues olive producers face. 

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Visit Palestine Campaign

Palestine is an incredible country, full of tradition, hospitality, and amazing gastronomy. We want more people to visit the farmers of Palestine so that we can foster relationships and support. It is important for people to visit Palestine so that they have a perspective of the current situation and so that they can raise awareness about issues that Palestinian farmers face.

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