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Ipek & Yammy Jammy

Name: Ipek Alemdar


Current Location: Nicosia, Cyprus


Occupation: Engineer by training, Aritsan Jammer by heart.


Made with Love Recipe: Apple Jam


How we Met Ipek:


We waited all week to go to the local Hawthorne Berry Festival in Downtown Girne (Kyrenia). We followed the festival signs and walked towards the sound of music, climbing uphill

About Ipek:


"After graduating with an engineering degree from the University of Bast, outside of London, I moved back to Cyprus and began work at my father’s electronics store. A typical engineer in Cyprus, sells electronic supplies and helps to fix them. Rather than choosing an engineer’s lifestyle in Cyprus, I chose to follow my passion.


It all started with pastries. I began to bake as a hobby after work. I wanted to bake everything from scratch which meant that I needed to learn how to make my own jams. A few batches of jam later, I was hooked. I fell in love with the process and continued ever since." 

through the neighborhoods. We finally arrived at an opening in a square, surrounded by tents of people selling artisan goods and yummy traditional snacks. We saw Ipek from the distance smiling and laughing as she spoke with customers. Beyond her were jar upon jar of different jams and preserves decorated with colorful ribbons and pendants of the evil eye. We tried to speak the little Turkish that we knew and she kindly answered us in perfect English. We told her about Made with Love and left with an invitation to her home in Nicosia, where she would show us one of her Yammy Jammy recipes, Apple Jam!


How Yammy Jammy Began:

"My mother, Gulen, and I work together making preserves and jams and selling them at the local bazaars and festivals. We began at the Christmas Bazaar in 2013 and have been selling our jams and preserves ever since. All of my jams are organic, made according to season, and are made in small batches to guarantee quality. My dream is to open up my own shop where my mother and I can sell our preserves and jam under our brand 'Yammy Jammy!'"


Does Ipek Jam with Love?


"Working with my hands in choosing the fruits, peeling the apples, stirring the jam as it simmers on the stove makes me feel connected to my products." Every batch she makes is delicious and jam-packed with love!

Recipe To be Published in our Book. E-mail us at for a copy & more details! 

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