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Captured by The Recipe Hunters in Lebanon


Anabel Gravel Chabot, Founder of Flower Power, Beirut, Lebanon

Meet Anabel Gravel Chabot, young entrepreneur and founder of Flower Power and Cosmic Cosmetics!


What inspired you to start Flower Power?


“I was studying acting and theatre when I saw a sign during our rehearsal with the motto written: "sleeping, eating, and drinking are all unnecessary." It was at that moment, that I had an inflection point and realized this stressful microcosm of a world was not for me. Why would I subject my body through so much unnatural stress just to be part of a group? After some time and consideration, I decided to go back to school but this time for something I was geniunely interested in. I began studying herbalism and spent two years in Canada pursuing a degree in Herbal Medicine. One day as I was playing the ukulele in a cafe during a trip to Sri Lanka, a man approached me and said I touched him with my music. We started chatting about herbalism and natural living….and I fell in love and moved to be with him in Lebanon. Here I am at 22, making natural products, giving courses on my craft, and trying to influence people in a positive way.”


Hanging Herbs

Why do I use natural products?


“Because, I just don’t trust chemicals and laboratory products, there has not been enough substantial research performed. 300 years should be your timeline, if they've made a product for 300 years...then I consider it well researched and safe to use.”


What do I consider natural?


“Things you can eat. If you can eat it, then you can put it on your skin.”


Making the Energy Balls
Making Organic Lip Balm, Beirut Lebanon

Anabel at Souk el Tayeb

Anabel's Organic Tea, Beirut, Lebanon
Making the Energy Balls
Luci Energy Ball Recipe

Why is the skin important to take care of?


"Skin is our largest organ. From the skin, into the bloodstream, products, lotions and creams will be absorbed for better or for worse. When you cannot identify products on the labels, you probably should not be using the products or at the very least you should do some research. Your body will have a hard time, digesting/detoxicating the products and this can start to affect your hormones. Just look into the labels of shampoos, toothpaste and make up and begin to critically think about what is in the product you are using and how they might affect your body.


What is scary to me is that these chemicals you are using not only affect your body but they can be passed down to your child."

Anabel's Flower Power kids
Anabel Gravel Chabot, Founder of Flower Power
Anabel Gravel Chabot Making Organic  Lip Balm

What are cosmic cosmetics?

“Cosmic cosmetics are my vision of body care products that sustain your life force, as well as the planet’s life force. They do not harm you. They do not harm the planet. They make you feel good, sensual, fresh and alive. They are an expression of joy: the joy to have a beautiful body, and the joy that comes from caring for it lovingly.”

When becoming an herbalist, did you make any mistakes?

“My first lip balm ever, I heated up Vaseline with Cacao and when I realized it was flammable, it was too late. When I tried to contain the fire, I poured it into the plastic container and that too was flammable. It taught me a lesson to never use vaseline because, not only is it flammable, but it is made from petrol and not natural. I also try not to use plastic.”



Anabel and her Organic Workshop, Beirut, Lebanon

Written by The Recipe Hunters: Anthony Morano and Leila Elamine

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