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Lebanon Films

We travel all over Lebanon filming the stories, recipes, and artisan food crafts of some of Lebanon's most ancient cuisines. From foraging for edible thistles on Mount Lebanon, smoking wheat in the South, and making the famous kibbeh in the North, our adventures in Lebanon are chock full of discovery, beauty, and fun!


The ancient food of 


a Land of Heritage

We travel to Central Mexico to document the stories of local communities who were safeguarding endangered food traditions, farming techniques, and indigenous food under the Slow Food Presidia. We returned from our visit with a newfound respect for our kind, compassionate, neighbors.

Mexico Films
Wales Films


Join The Recipe Hunters in Wales as they discover the traditional recipes behind the most treasured Welsh dishes. Thanks to all of the Welsh families who opened their homes & hearts to our community!  A special thanks to Visit Waleswithout you this could not be possible. Check out the films below to begin your adventure!

The legendary land of

Galicia Films


Join The Recipe Hunters in Galicia, Spain, as they discover the traditional recipes behind Galicia's most treasured dishes! Thanks to all of the Galician families who opened their homes & hearts to our community! And a special thanks to

Pelepau & Beladona for the Galician Music! Check out the films below to begin your adventure!

The taste of the sea

Italy Films

We begin in Rome

learning how to cook two traditional Roman dishes and, of course, two gelato recipes!!! Then we head to Tuscany where we live with a Priest for two weeks. The Priest, Don Gianni, connects us to all the best cooks in his region! Afterwards we head to Piedmont where we are adopted by a local family and learn some of their most cherished family recipes. 

Watch the films below!!


The real taste of

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