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Lise from Håøya Naturverksted, Oslo, Norway


Meet Little Eagle. At first glance she might seem like your stylish brooklyn hipster, with her hanky hair band, rolled up cuffs, high waisted khakis, and tattoos. You don’t have to spend more than a minute around her to realize that this girl is a rugged go-getter. The hanky is to keep her hair out of her face when making cheese and caramels, rolled up cuffs to knead and pound at the enormous amount of dough she makes everyday, the high waisted khakis fill in for an apron, and each beautiful tattoo has a meaningful story.

After finishing her undergraduate degree in ecotoxology (soil science), Little Eagle wanted to combine her interests in milk, the science behind milk, and the production of milk derived products. Therefore, she worked with The Agricultural University in Oslo to develop a master’s degree for herself in goat cheese agriculture. After achieving her masters degree, she wanted to learn about dairy farm production and cheese making in Norway. In the spirit of a go-getter, she hopped on her bike and toured dairy farms and cheese production facilities. She offered her scientific expertise in exchange for some hands-on knowledge. After experiencing the life and struggles of a farmer, Lise was inspired to help farms on a larger scale. She accepted a new position with Norwegian Farmers and Smallholders Union, where she led various farming projects and aided the union with packaging, marketing and selling their locally produced goods through a coop.


All the while, Lise was dreaming about the day when she would create the opportunity to make her own signature cheese.

Lise at Håøya Naturverksted, Oslo, Norway

After much dedication and hard work, Lise decided to leave the farmer’s union and coop to test her cheese making, farming, and entrepreneurial skills in one impressive crack! During this time, Lise encountered Helge and Yngve and decided to take part in a summer of survivor at Håøya Naturverksted

Håøya Island, is a one hour ferry ride from Oslo, inhabited by 90 milking goats and about 5 humans. On this island, Little Eagle built a bacteria free zone in the Håøya Naturverksted and invited the entire world to see her make cheese through her transparent, glass walls. Not only does Lise make cheese from the goats, but she also makes homemade bread from the whey and caramel chews from the milk.

Goats at Håøya Naturverksted, Oslo, Norway
Goats at Håøya Naturverksted, Oslo, Norway
Lise Flipping Goat Cheese at Håøya Naturverksted, Oslo, Norway
Goat Cheese at Håøya Naturverksted, Oslo, Norway
Goat Cheese at Håøya Naturverksted, Oslo, Norway

Her cheese recipe was developed based on the local terroir of the island, her various recordings of temperature and humidity, and her masterful, artistic knowledge of cheese and it’s production. One thing is for certain: Lise’s love for cheesemaking has only intensified through this island experience.  By making Håøya cheese in an honest and transparent way, Lise, her bacteria, and her Little Eagle spirit combine in perfect synergy to present you with cheese, truly Fermented with Love


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Written and edited by Leila ElamineAnthony Morano

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