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a Monthly Food

Adventure in a box

Exclusive christmas offer!!

Christmas OFFER!

HEIRLOOM MAIL: The Perfect Foodie Gift for Christmas!

This Christmas, surprise your food enthusiast with a gift to help them hone their cooking craft & deepen their understanding of food!

Heirloom Mail is a monthly food adventure in a box that teaches you about one surprise handpicked ingredient or technique through custom art, inspirational stories, and wisdom from around the world.  Each box that arrives on your doorstep is an easy, simple way to dig deeper into food culture.

what's insidE...

ranging from items you’ve never seen before to familiar staples presented in a new light 

stoRies and

personal and origin stories based on the month’s featured ingredient

 along with recipe ideas and resources for further experimentation

A cooKiNg lesson

that remind you of each month’s lesson to post on your fridge or send to a friend 


Need a thoughtful last-minute gift?

Order now to gift (or receive) a subscription that starts in January.


When you order now you'll get a beautiful printable eCard so you have something to give for Christmas!!

3 Months
6 Months
12 Months

$22 per box

+ $5 shipping

per box

$81 Total

$21 per box

+ $5 shipping

per box

$156 Total

$20 per box

+ $5 shipping

per box

$300 Total

*Prices valid for shipping in USA Only, Shipping available in Canada for $9/box extra

Questions? Call/Text (516) 967 4605 or


Gift a previous Box for 25% off

Choose one of our previous boxes below and send it as a gift to your food enthusiast for just $22.50! 

*Sorry this offer is now sold out*


Hazelnuts from Oregon Sold Out!


Dates from Egypt Oasis Sold Out


Za'atar from Lebanon Sold Out

*Prices valid for shipping in USA Only, Shipping available in Canada for $9/box extra

Sorry. All Past Boxes are now Sold Out for the Holidays. If you'd like to gift Heirloom Mail, consider buying a subscription and we will send you a beautiful printable card!

Questions? Call/Text (516) 967 4605 or


watch the heirloom mail video

why heirloom mail?



In our fast-moving, modern world, it’s common to feel disconnected—from the origin stories of our foods, from the lands and people that produce them, and even from the sensation of making something with our own hands. Often, learning about food and cooking can feel overwhelming because there’s SO much information to sift through.

Wouldn’t it be great to slow down, learn at a pace that allows us to fully integrate the lessons, and take a bit of time out each month to marvel at the wonder of food?

we think so, too and  That’s why we make Heirloom Mail.

Our monthly food club subscription breaks down big cooking concepts into digestible lessons for delicious, graceful home cooking—the kind we so often see practiced by our elders, who are rooted in a foundation of deep knowledge. We include the special ingredient so you can start experimenting in the kitchen right away.

Through photographs, words, and art, we connect you with stories of food traditions around the world, and inspire you to strengthen traditions in your own kitchen and community.

feedback from our subscribers:

"Every month is a new way to dig deeper into food culture."

"Big cooking concepts are broken down into fun lessons that can be easy understood and practiced."

"I love the photography, words, and art that connects the secret ingredient to the people and places surrounding it!"

take a look inside one of our past boxes

what subscribers are saying

Laura Neff

“It served me in creating joy (every time a box a Christmas present!), and your writing often moved me.”

Lisa Siebert

Erica Johnson

“OMG!!!!! I *LOVED* the experience of this box! ... I was so full of info and good feelings from what you'd written. So inspiring, and so, so strongly tied to your mission. THIS WAS AWESOME.”

"It transported me to someplace else & it was magical—what a way to be introduced to a different culture."

who's behind Heirloom Mail?

Gina Lorubbio

The American Heirloom Project 

Gina is a student of food culture who uses art and writing to educate people in a way that is thought-provoking and accessible. She curates meaningful experiences that prompt people to slow down and notice beauty in food.  

The Recipe Hunters, Leila Elamine & Anthony Morano
Anthony & Leila

The Recipe Hunters 

Leila and Anthony travel the world documenting and recording grandmothers' personal stories and heirloom recipes through photo-journalism, films, and writing. 

Along their journeys, The Recipe Hunters scout out incredible ingredients from across the globe which Gina uses to curate one-of-a-kind food adventures. Along with her own experiences, Gina uses cooking tips, tricks, and words of wisdom that The Recipe Hunters have collected from a worldwide community of Grandmothers.

Just think of The Recipe Hunters as the explorers and photographers and Gina as the storyteller and researcher!


All of this wisdom, love, and expertise is bundled together into our Heirloom Mail Box. Together, we hope that this journey inspires you to open up an culinary world of food knowledge, exploration, and sharing. 

Questions? Call/Text (516) 967 4605 or


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