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Captured By The Recipe Hunters In Lebanon

Fadi, Tawlet, Beirut, Lebanon

Meet Fadi


Fadi never meant to stumble his way into the kitchen, but once he picked up a pan...he couldn’t stop. Fadi’s rise to stardom began at the Beirut restaurant, Tawlet, where he worked in valet parking. Fadi had always been interested in cooking and when the chance came up he volunteered to help in the kitchen. His natural talent and keen sense of taste has led him to be the head chef at one of Beirut's most prestigious restaurants. Fadi manages the day-to-day in the kitchen alongside his loving sister and sous chef. Fadi is known around Mar Mikhaël (the section of Beirut that Tawlet is located in) for his wide grin and curly mustache. He creates a great energy and positive ambiance at Tawlet…not to mention, his Mujaddara and Saturday barbecue are extraordinary. Try his traditional mujaddara recipe by clicking on the picture below!

Lentils, Fadi's Mujaddara Recipe




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