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The freedoM of seEds

tepetlixpa, mexico

Abel and Emma are on a mission save the seeds of their forefathers. In 2004, they left their professional careers to return to their family's farmland. They planted their ancestors seeds in uncontaminated land and propagated them using ancient, sustainable farming methods. When they weren’t making enough money by selling the heirloom corn and beans that they had grown, they decided to make traditional food products like tortillas and tlacoyos from their harvest. Today, Abel and Emma are selling thousands of traditional food products, providing their local community with good, clean, and fair food. Not only have they redefined and dignified what it means to be a farmer in Mexico, but they have shown their community that individuals have the ability to take back the land. This film is a tribute to their cause. Please share and like this film and together let us celebrate the work of these bright-shining luminaries of positive change! With love, The Recipe Hunters.

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