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Norway Old Fashioned Oven


Our first workaway volunteer experience is shaky. We arrive at the dairy farm near Bamble, Norway with a lot of positive energy: we plan to make yogurt, ice cream, and cheese from the cow’s milk, to learn about dairy farming, help them with their harvesting, and of course to recipe hunt for traditional Norwegian Recipes. Unfortunately, we disagree with the way the renters of the farm treat their animals and we see that there is limited opportunity to learn because of this. 

Norway Cow

Before leaving, we help move their calves to a private grazing area, I make black current ice cream to the delight of all, we make friends with the other volunteers from Spain and Serbia, we refurbish a 70 year old traditional wood fired clay oven, bake over a dozen loaves of bread, and we meet the owner of the farm who shows us his aunt’s method of lighting up the oven. With this recent shifty experience and the high cost of Norway, Leila and I are in a state of ambiguity. Should we leave Norway? Should we go to Andreas and Elisabeth's farm where we feel a strong connection? Is it a sign? Are we being impatient? Too picky? We want to be amongst positive people, so we decide to retrace our steps and ask Andreas and Elisabeth’s if we can come live and work at their farm in Tollefsrud.

Wood Fired Clay Oven in Norway
Norwegian Baby with Bread
Norway Fresh Baked Bread

After a very quick and positive reply by Andreas, our decision is made and our plan is set! We will leave Sunday morning for Andreas and Elisabeth's in Tollefsrud and help them with their projects, while we focus on our website, and reach out to people in Oslo and Stockholm for possible stories. When you make friends, stay with them and when you feel uncomfortable in a place, leave!


Up Next: The Recipe Hunters make a pit stop in Oslo, Norway where they find their first traditional recipe makers!

Written by the Recipe Hunters:

Anthony Morano  and Leila Elamine

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