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Hops for American Style India Pale Ale
American Style India Pale Ale Recipe

American Style India Pale Ale

Hops for American Style India Pale Ale

I'm all about that hops...

American Style India Pale Ale

If you want something with a tangy wham, look no further. Luca's recipe to make the perfect IPA is here.


*Note: With all of the traveling, we haven't had time to try the recipe out ourselves, but once we do we will add more details and pictures. In the meantime, feel free to try the recipe and e-mail us with any questions!


With love,


Leila & Anthony



METHOD: All Grain

Final amount of beer: about 23 liters


OG: 1.063 - (15,5 Plato)

FG: 1.013 - (3,2 Plato)

ABV: 6,7 %


IBU: 53


Efficiency: 75%



Hop (in pallet Type 90):

20 g Galena 13,0% AA - 60 minutes

25 g Centennial 10,5% AA - 30 minutes

30 g Amarillo 10,0% AA - 0 minutes

20 g Cascade 5,75% AA - 0 minutes

7 g Amarillo 10,0% AA - dry hopping

7 g Cascade 5,75% AA - dry hopping


6,3 kg Maris Otter Malt

0,2 kg Pale Crystal Malt

0,2 kg CaraAmber®





1. Sanitize all equipment!


2. Create the Wort (raw beer) through MASHING, STEEPING & SPARGING:


A. MASHING: Combine the milled malted grain with water and heat to a temperature of 66°C.







B. STEEPING: Let the solution rest at the temperature of 66°C for 60 minutes. 


C. MASH OUT: After the solution has rested, "mash out" at 78°C (172°F).







3. Ricirculate the wort through lautering


A. Wash the grains with water at 78°C during the lautering.


4. Boil the wort for 1 hour adding the hops at the right timing.


5. Whirlpool or filter the wort.


6. Cool down the wort as fast as you can until about 20°C. Add oxygen to the wort.


7. More the wort to a fermentation tank.


8. Add the yeast - American "Chico"-style ale yeast (i.e. Wyeast American Ale n.1056). Ferment at 21°C.


9. At the end of fermentetion, transfer the beer into a new fermenter, add the dry hopping and cool the wort at about 2 °C for 3 weeks before bottling it.




This is a good starting point, then everyone can brew his/her own beer following his/her own personal taste!


Love Tip: "Mash out" means to raise the temperature of the wort, so that the enzymes in the malt will stop the process of metabolizing the starch (in the grain) into sugars and so that the wort will become less viscous and more fluid. 

Love Tip: High temperature means high body! The act of heating converts the starch in the malted grains into sugars (maltose). The sugars will eventually be "eaten" by the yeast during fermentation to produce alcohol.

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