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Captured by The Recipe Hunters In Lebanon

Magida at Tawlet Restaurant in Beirut, Lebanon

Magida has loved cooking ever since she can remember. She learned how to cook and grow her own food from her grandmother. Outside of Sidon, Magida now has her own farm where she produces her own vegetables and fruit for her family and friends. When it comes time for winter, Magida is prepared with her mouneh (wintertime pantry), a bountiful supply of preserved jams, lebneh, pickles, and olives. Magida likes to cook traditional Lebanese food with her own personalized twist! Visit the restaurant, Tawlet, in downtown Beirut to try one of Magida’s imaginative Lebanese Creations.​

Traidtional food at Tawlet Restaurant in Beirut, Lebanon

What do you think about when you cook?

When Magida cooks she imagines how much people will enjoy eating it. "Knowing that someone has enjoyed one of my meals fills me with happiness, it is better than being paid 1 million dollars.”

Magida serving her traditinal food at Tawlet Restaurant in Beirut, Lebanon

What do you love most about cooking?

"I love being creative with my dishes. I always test my recipes out on my children before cooking them for the public. As a mother, I was accustomed to cooking for my beautiful family of five. Now, I challenge myself by cooking at Tawlet for over 50 people!" Magida loves spending time in her garden planting and harvesting food that she grows throughout the green seasons. Magida smiles as she whispers, "my mom was an amazing cook and even my husband tells me that I still do not compare...maybe one day!"

What are your favorite recipes to make?

"I love traditional food, especially Shish Barak, which are flour balls stuffed with minced meat, baked, and then added to yogurt and spices. I love to make jams and pickle food. I make zaatar, syrups, everything at my home." 

Okra Recipe, Tawlet, Beirut, Lebanon

What is your dream?

I have a dream to open up my very own restaurant. I am now learning how to make food professionally and on a larger scale. 

What is your favorite kitchen appliance?

"I have a traditional clay oven in my backyard that I reconstructed from my grandmother's oven. When we use that oven, it brings back so many memories!"

Written by The Recipe Hunters: Anthony Morano and Leila Elamine

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