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Captured by The Recipe Hunters in Lebanon

Reema Mansour, Biolicious, Souk El Tayeb, Beirut, Lebanon

Meet Reema and Biolicious!


As new parents Reema and her husband, Reda Maamari, wanted to provide their growing children with the right nutrition. Reema had recently developed a gluten intolerance and was eager to develop a diet that would nourish her body and support her energy throughout the day. Reema, a natural-born optimist, took the reins in her hands by creatively inventing healthy, organic, gluten-free crackers in her home kitchen. Not only did these vegetable chips taste delicious, but they were healthy for her and her family! By dehydrating raw vegetables and seeds, Reema was able to maintain as much of the raw nutrient rich contents of the foods as possible.

"My aim is to make and share food that is not only extremely healthy, but tasty too. After receiving such positive reviews of my chips from friends and families, I decided to invest in commercial equipment and create "Biolicious." I chose the name "Biolicious" for my company, because ‘bio’ means organic in many languages and delicious is also the same in many languages! says Reema with a beaming smile on her face.


“I guess it became real when my friend Sabine tried my crackers and immediately put them up on her instagram. There was no looking back after that!”

Since August 2014, Reema has been selling her tasty, healthy crackers at A New Earth Store, Marqet, and at Souk el Tayeb!

Colordful Dehydrated Vegetable Chips made by Biolicious Chips, Souk El Tayeb, Beirut, Lebanon
Boxes of Biolicious Chips: Celery, Beetroot, Carrot, Souk El Tayeb, Beirut, Lebanon
Biolicious: Organic Raw Vegetable Crackers: Carrot Wild Thyme Flower, Souk El Tayeb, Beirut, Lebanon
Biolicious, Organic Raw Vegetable Crackers, Celery and Beetroot, Souk El Tayeb, Beirut, Lebanon

What does Reema offer at Biolicious?


Biolicious chips are made with 80% vegetables and 20% seeds. They are gluten free, vegan, and all natural. Free from wheat, yeast, soy, corn, dairy, trans fat and additives! They are considered a "raw organic" because they are dried at 41 degrees Celsius in a dehydrator. The four current offerings are celery & beetroot, carrot & wild thyme, beetroot & carrot medley, and olives & sun dried tomatoes.


Aside from Reema’s charm, she prepares increasingly popular dips that she makes for people taste the Biolicious Chips! Raw herb pesto spread, chick pea & red pepper dip, and sun dried tomato pesto are three more delicious reasons to come meet the charming Reema and try out her chips at Souk el Tayeb!

Reema Mansour and Husband Reda Maamari, Souk El Tayeb, Beirut, Lebanon

How has Souk el Tayeb been a part of Reema’s Life?

“The Souk el Tayeb has allowed me to gain exposure to people and allowed me to meet people who are looking for products like mine. The souk is mind consuming, exciting, and fun! Its always great to connect to someone with dietary restrictions and see the smile on their faces when I provide them with the product that can meet their needs!”


Check out Reema's Biolicious website at

Written by The Recipe Hunters: Anthony Morano and Leila Elamine

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