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Made with Love About Us
About Made with Love
About Anthony Morano and Leila Elamine Made with Love
About Made with Love
What is Made with Love
About Made with Love
It is an expression of someone's love in the form of food.
Tender care and passion is the distinguishing ingredient that turns a meal into a Made with Love experience, memory, or tradition. The Made with Love attribute is found amongst various cultures and customs throughout the world, but always stems from the heart of a person. Our website, is a tribute to those who prepare traditional recipes using that unconditional, intangible ingredient
What does Made with Love mean to you?

What is Made with Love ?

Made with Love is a feeling. 

How does the website work?


Every week we publish a story about one of our international experiences and along with the story, we include a Made with Love recipe. You can find the stories under Stories Page. We organize the traditional recipes based on the country they originate from and you can find these on our Recipe's Page.


How can our shared experiences and recipes enhance your life?


  • Valentine's day around the corner? Make your loved one a heart recipe to woo them over! Want to know more about food heritage and culture? Read about one of our experiences in your country of heritage.

  • Want to add some fun flare to a dinner party? Wow your guests with a new trick or custom that you can read about in one of our experiences.

  • Ever wonder what your Italian hairdresser puts in her mouth watering pasta sauce? How your Croatian cousin’s lamb is so juicy on the inside but so crispy and golden brown on the outside? Or How your Swedish Aunt makes her cinnamon buns so gooey? Check out the tips & tricks in our Made with Love Recipes.

  • Got the summertime Christmas blues? Read about one of our traditional experiences and create or adopt a new tradition and recipe with your family and friends.

  • Need a light read and a good laugh? Read about one of our cultural adventures.

  • Bored of making the same old dishes? Need some cooking inspiration? Discover new recipes and ways of cooking through our stories & recipes.


How are we discovering these Traditional Recipes?

Let’s just say we are good at breaking down typical social barriers. We are outgoing, non-judgemental, genuine, positive, uninhibited, friendly, and perseverant when it comes to meeting others and learning new recipes. Through connecting with locals in each country and region that we visit, we experience other people’s love in the form of food. We primarily befriend locals through normal street conversations, attending events, online communities, and volunteering. Once we meet a local, we are able to quickly “break the ice” with our extroverted personalities. For example, when we enter a new country, Anthony looks up a few “go to” words, all of which comprise together to form sentences like “Do you cook?, Does your grandma cook?, I am hungry, food made with love.” He jots them down in his yellow notebook for later use when talking to locals. This method has proven to be quite excellent, especially in villages! 


We seek out family recipes and people who are known for their passion for traditional cooking. Many of the stories and recipes we document are acheived through following up on word-of-mouth recommendations. Once we find someone special that truly cooks with love/bakes with love, etc. we ask them if we can do a story on their recipe/artisan product.

Have you ever walked up to someone on a park bench in town and asked to eat dinner with their grandmother?


Well....Anthony has and thanks to that we have the hrapačuša cake!


How can you contribute to our project?

Do you have a traditional ecipe that has always reminded you of a loved one? Do you cook something special that fills you with a feeling of home? Share your story and join our community of people and their traditional recipes that are Made with Love! Contact us!

Our Beliefs
Made with Love Our Beliefs
Our Beliefs
Answer: Our Beliefs

"Let's Have Fun!"

In every experience we have had in recording a recipe, we come away with a new understanding and appreciation for the people and culture we are living in. It is truly incredible how these individuals bring together family, friends and community at their dinner tables. We do our best to make sure that those individuals leave the experience feeling appreciated and aknowledged for the love that they give. Being blessed by every invitation into family homes, kitchens, and places of work, we show our gratitude by providing positive energy and excitement. We try to make an ordinary day, extraordinary as we live by a few simple words of encouragement, "let's have fun."

Be Fearless

Our journey relies on our ability to meet new people, try new things, and cross boundaries. We constantly step outside of our comfort zones asking strangers for their knowledge, help, or to meet their grandma. What's the worst that can happen? A "No" response with an awkward look? That's not too bad, considering the amount of yesses you will get from grandmas excited to share their stories, recipes, and wedding dresses with you.


Dare to ask, to try, to change, and to be fearless.

There have been plenty of times when we feel overwhelmed and tired, when we don't speak the language, when a story falls through, when we have pricklies stuck in our hands from a cactus fruit in the middle of a bikeride, or when we find a new story right at the end of a 14 hour work day. Bumps, downs, lulls, or whatever you want to call them will occur. It's not always easy to see the light at the end of the tunnel, but a few words of encouragement can illuminate the way. By working as a team, we rely on one another. "You got this" is our motto to encourage eachother...Because we got this..

"You Got This"

Signs come in all shapes and forms; a sign could be a person's recommendation, a feeling you get , or a coincidence that occurs. You must trust and follow your intuition through the good and bad, allowing serendipity to take it's turn. As we say, "if you fight the signs, they stop coming."

Follow the Signs

Cento Per Cento

This is our motto. By giving 100% effort and 100% enthusiasm, we never have any regrets. No matter what, we follow through and give it our all. From trying something new for the first time to the thousandth time of getting no for an answer, we give it "Cento Per Cento"

Love Guidelines
About Made with Love

Love Guidelines

Answer: Guidelines

For food to be amazing and truly enjoyed, it must be Made with Love. Love cannot be bought, invented, or manufactured; it is an ingredient essential in foods throughout the world and it can be shared, displayed, and used to no limit in any recipe. You will taste and feel the difference when you have come across a food or recipe Made with Love. It is not only the type of food but the joy and reasoning behind the cook. For that we have set some guidelines so that we can share the Love throughout the world.

Story of Love

There is a story behind every recipe, behind every person and every tradition. Why do you make this certain dish? Who taught you how to make this dish or did you teach yourself because you were so crazy in love with it? What does it remind you of? Where did you get the recipe? These simple questions will help the world relate to you, see inside your heart and into the Love of your food.  

Sign of Love

The most universal symbol of Love is displayed through the shape of a heart; therefore, we ask that a step in the Made with Love recipe or the final product be made in the shape of a heart. The "heart step" will put a smile on your face while reminding you and the rest of the world that you are sharing your love through the food.

Recipe of Love

What better way to share your love, than by allowing others to see your recipe! Take the chance and have fun as we document your recipes in a step by step photo-friendly process. Include each step of your recipe and make sure to have fun photos throughout.

Love Tips

Share your knowledge & tips! The best thing about food Made with Love are those little tips not included in recipe books. "My mom told me to always add a little bit of salt" or "make sure to taste the sauce with a piece of bread" or "it is done once you can smell the pleasant aroma." Those are the tips that are essential, so that others can reproduce your Love and truly feel connected!

Anthony & Leila




Anthony Morano



AMo the Ice Cream Man

Answer: A & L

For me, Sundays were holidays growing up. My mother would cook spaghetti bolognese and by cook, I mean simmer for hours. She would prepare appetizers of meats, cheeses, and bread, side dishes of fresh veggies, and a gigantic salad! Rather than snacking during the day, we would push ourselves to wait until our late "lunch". It was always worth it....mmm Thanksgiving every Sunday!


Looking back on my childhood there was something my mom never slacked with, food. Each and every meal my mom made was genuinely Made with Love.


Love was added through the time, patience, and dedication that my mom put into the meal.


Love was shared as we joined each other at the dinner table, laughing, crying, and spending countless hours together.


Love was enjoyed as we ate every last bit of spaghetti off of our plates.


Living in the attic, I would smell the aroma and run down two flights of stairs to see if dinner were ready. I would sit on the stairs of my kitchen and admire my mom as the sauce was simmering to perfection. When she would leave the kitchen, I would dip bread into the sauce and run back to my step while trying to hide my childish grin and lick the red sauce off my lips. Never would my mom yell at me.


Noone would dare to miss a Sunday meal. There were countless Sundays filled with laughter, camaraderie, and joy. Dinner brought us together as a family and still does.


From watching my mother cook, I knew exactly how to make sauce but it wasn't until I ventured off to college where I realized the importance of those Sundays. Each Sunday at school I would spend the time making sauce, just as my mother had made it for me. I would invite over friends to eat and it would make me extremely happy to see them enjoy my food.


Food with love does not only occur in my household on Sundays but at various homes, markets, and restaurants throughout the world.  As I connect with new people, I have my best experiences when entering their households and taking part in their family traditions. Food Made with Love is a culture. I instantly relate to it.  Once you have had a meal Made with Love and with people you love, you will know exactly what I am talking about.  Every time I am fortunate enough to be invited into someone elses home, I get to experience their “Sunday.”  On this journey I will be trying new foods, understanding new cultures, laughing constantly, but most importantly making new friends through Food Made with Love.


Thanks Mom.

Leila Elamine


When you walk through the doors of the Elamine house as a dinner guest, you are instantly engulfed in a warm, bustling, vibrant energy. You can hear the sounds of laughs and chatter, a fast-paced Spanish guitar playing in the background (compliments of the gypsy kings), my mother’s sing-along voice and the clanging of pots….possibly a bark or two from the dogs.  


You will (without a doubt) smell the alluring aroma of garlic and cilantro, onions and olive oil frying in a pan. You will see my brothers and sisters dicing and chopping away. My father will be pouring his “best in the world” ruby-red, Lebanese Ksara wine into hefty glasses as he tries to one-up my mother’s singing with his baratone voice, “bamboleo, bambolea…”.  


The king-sized oak table greeting you upon your entrance will be decorated with olives, pickles, lebneh, hummus, raddishes, baba ghanoush, and pita bread. My mother will come over to greet you with a big hug and a twinkle in her eyes. Shortly thereafter, she will put you to work, either squeezing lemons or setting the table.


Upon entering my family’s abode you will feel love, the kind of love that makes you feel alive and makes you feel apart of something beautiful, a part of my family. 


When I first met Anthony, I was working in cancer research at Massachusetts General Hospital. I was working towards finding happiness in the future, hoping that I would eventually find a passion and purpose for my life. I knew I had my family and my friends, but something was missing and I needed to find out what it was. I decided to leave my job at the end of March, 2014; in the three months that followed, I took a turn towards a carrer in food. First, I worked at a sheep farm in Wisconsin, as a cheese monger in Chicago, and as a sales representative for a Spanish company at the Fancy Foods Show in NYC. 



Around that time, Anthony and I decided to travel together and so we sat down and separately wrote down all the countries that we wanted to visit and what we wanted to do in each country. When we looked at our sheets together, it was blaringly obvious that we were all about learning how to make food; from olive-oil making in Greece, artichoke farming in France, hazelnut harvesting in Oregon, prosciutto making in Italy, and most commonly learning how to make different cuisines from every coordinate of the earth. And there it was...our journey. The website is a tribute to all of the inspirational people that we learn from. We are keeping their stories, traditions and recipes alive all in the name of love.



So here I am, on a beautiful Island on the coast of Croatia, living and loving my life, and following what I am passionate about. I am blessed to be able to share this experience with my best friend and even more blessed to be able to share this love beyond boundaries, with the rest of the world on We have met so many incredible people on this journey, who inspire us, fill our hearts full of love, and most especially give us a purpose.



Thank you all for your stories, your time, and most especially sharing your traditional recipes with Anthony and I to keep our journey alive.



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