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Captured By The Recipe Hunters In Lebanon

Marzipan Roses

Meet Terese Morkos


Terese Morkos and her husband are form Zikrit, Metn about 20 kilometers north of Beirut. They have been making homemade traditional artisan foods for over 25 years. Prior to Souk el Tayeb, Terese and her husband would attend fairs and festivals around the country selling their delicious products. They are known throughout Lebanon for their ornate marzipan treats. Since 2005, they have reduced their selling to the Souk el Tayeb and the Hamra Tuesday Market. During Christmas time, Terese makes over 100 kilos of marzipan from almonds, sugar, and Maghdouché orange blossom water.

Terese's Husband at the Souk el Tayeb
Terese Morkos at the Souk el Tayeb

How did Terese learn to cook?


Terese was always passionate about cooking. When she was younger she learned a lot from her mom but was always curious to learn more for herself. She developed her Marzipan making and has since won 8 awards for it. Her husband admits “although we cook everything together, Terese certainly cooks everything better!”



What do you think about Souk el Tayeb?


“The Souk El Tayeb has been a great success for our business and has made our logistics a lot easier. Thanks to Souk el Tayeb we are able to meet new people and sell our homemade products, especially our marzipan, to a broader market!”

Marzipan roses at Souk el Tayeb
Pastries made by Terese Morkos at the Souk el Tayeb

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Written by The Recipe Hunters: Anthony Morano and Leila Elamine

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