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Made with Love Recipes and Travel

Made  with  Love

Enter a World through the stories and photographs of real people as they open their hearts, homes and share their recipes of food 
MAde with Love.
Made with Love Recipes
Travel Adventures Made with Love
We are traveling around the world to discover and document the stories and craftsmanship behind artisan foods and family recipes that are "Made with Love." Love in the form of passion, community, family history, and tradition. To Anthony, it is in the aroma of his Mother's Bolognese sauce that permeates throughout the household.  To Leila, it is the taste of a spoonful of lebnah fresh out of the cheesecloth.
Through connecting with locals in each country and region that we visit, we experience other people's love in the form of food. We befriend locals through volunteering and visiting farms, farmsteads, restaurants, bakeries, vineyards, olive groves, factories, household kitchens, street markets, etc. Once we find someone special who makes with love, we do our best to document their specialty. Our website,, is a tribute to those who prepare food Made with Love and to their recipes that use that unconditional, intangible ingredient
Join us in learning about authentic culinary customs and traditions through Made with Love Stories and Made with Love Recipes.
Travel Adventures Made with Love
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